Good Times and Smooth Sailing

There it is, my name in print. Stamped on the two-page photo spread of Chris playing his drums at sea, under the title and caption chosen by the magazine editor. It was surprising how simple the whole process was, although I learned a few lessons.

Once I’d finally refined a month of sailing into 2,500 magazine-pleasing words, I sent it off to the email I found on the Cruising World website. Mark contacted me soon after to see if I could submit enough high quality photos for the layout (I’d need 25 or so to choose from). So I scrounged from the rest of the crew, kicking myself for being lazy with my photo game, and sent them off hoping they would be good enough.

I learned that snapshots taken from GoPro footage are not good enough, as they are usually in wide-angle, which doesn’t translate well into print. I could set my go-pro to medium angle, but in video format, the megapixels are only 5 or so, inferior to most other cameras nowadays. Not guaranteed to work. So even the newer iPhones or iPads are better.

Then it was just a matter of contracts, payment, and sorting out captions and photo credits (although those were mostly written by the editors, short and sweet…if slightly corny.) There is much more to this story, much that hasn’t been written yet. But this summary is light, it’s fluffy, and it pays well;) To read, click HERE. Thanks to my crew family, and to Mark Pillsbury.

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