Barbados By Bus (And Mini-bus)

We were a group of five gringoes standing beside the main road, a strip of narrow, pale pavement, unlined although there were supposedly two lanes. Flexible lanes, determined by the route best to avoid potholes or other cars. Steve, the Kiwi, and Cammie from Luxembourg, both off Proxima Vida, our buddy boat. Chris, one of … Continue reading Barbados By Bus (And Mini-bus)

Tiger the Storm Magnet

The forecast as of July 27 (the day the boom broke), read: a "complex low" forming in the Chesapeake bay region, predicted to come cruising across the North Atlantic, intercepting our coordinates in about five days time. "A complex low? What the hell does that mean," we all asked. "Like confused? Like can't quite figure … Continue reading Tiger the Storm Magnet