Longitude 39 Boom Repair

I scribbled away in the cockpit, jotting the moments I'd been too sick to record the days before. Relief from nausea, sunshine, the boat lumbering along downwind, bobbing side to side with a following swell. After days of sleeping, I had awoken this day, Thursday, July 27, well before my watch, ravenous and energized. Our … Continue reading Longitude 39 Boom Repair

A Woodshop in the Woods

The shop they built has a roof that swoops down around a strip of plastic skylight and then shoots forward like a pouty lip. The outside is painted black, surprisingly elegant, rustic and profound like traditional chalkboards in old-fashioned classrooms.The spring New York greenery lends life to the dark walls, proving that black is inherently … Continue reading A Woodshop in the Woods