Hurricane Hole (A Song)

An original song dedicated to my mother.

A hurricane hole is a safe harbor, a refuge for sailors during a storm.


Take a breath, take it slowly, baby eyes, see you to hold me, mama smiles, as baby slides to sleep.

Take my hand, lead me gently, cross the street, with new legs trembling, patiently, as baby finds her feet.

Open wings and a breeze to kiss them, mama smiles and blows to lift them, as baby soars, watching from below.

Falling stars and I will catch them, but they leave me scarred and have me wishing, for a place to land, that I can just go home.

Mama hails me, she asks what ails me I say I don’t know. She says hush don’t think about it, we can just talk about it, and I’ll never leave you alone.

Walkabouts, and compass headings, but these soles wear out, these sails need mending, guides a shining star, reminding me to breathe.

You left you mark, you left it on me, though very far, I feel your heartbeat, morse code tones as the moon pulls the open sea.

Take this load, take it off me, you always know, how to softly, lead me home, and listen me to sleep.

Mama hails me. As these sails lead me across, the globe. She says as you walk about, if that breeze turns stout, I’ll be your hurricane hole.

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