Just Read to Me

Library books. The sound. The smell. Crinkling plastic, shiny pages, inky and metallic. A fading film picture of three sun-baked, knobby-kneed boat kids. Two bright blond, one red-head, 1980’s home-sliced haircuts, generous in the bangs, efficient to keep salty hair out of eyes. Wearing undies and oversized shirts, leaning in transfixed around a weary mom … Continue reading Just Read to Me

Newfoundland, Canada

Continued from - "Through the Fog, Provincetown to Newfoundland" We motored into St. John's Harbor among massive tankers and rickety old fishing boats to the biggest town in the Canadian province of Newfoundland. Houses on hills, ships, tall banks and hotels. At 250,000 people, this town boomed when oil boomed, and has since dried up … Continue reading Newfoundland, Canada