The Space In-Between

A smiling pic. Posted.

I am glad to be smiling, of course, happy to soar. And it’s not unrealistic, just not the whole story. This pic tells only 637 words.

Notice the time lapse between smiles? Weeks perhaps. Uncharted tracks getting back to those snapped chats. Where are those records kept?

The laying alone. The staring into space. The wondering if I’m worthy of this space. The ‘What is my purpose, what is my place?’ 

A crystal tear. Can a pic capture that prism of insight, and every sliver of splintered light, the spectrum of the human mind.

Is it just the smile we show because the smile is the goal?

Because. Seems to me. That if you do the math, there’s a whole lot of the other stuff, the work before the show, the dark before the glow.

I don’t mind it. I’ve come to like it. Just as much as the bright. And why not? 

If it was valued the same, then I’d have a whole lot more, what with the solo-explore, the self-implore, the home-decor. Even before I step from this dim tender nest to face the world, I’m sure, more certain than anything, that this is where I’ll return. 

Back to me, again and again.

I value the space between, I’m certain of it’s worth.

So why wouldn’t I share? An accurate depiction. Why add to social submission with my omission.

A platform where lulls are ignored? Integrity attacked by a flood of allure.

Which has me convinced I am something strange, because I recharge more, while they charge forward. According to, of course, the moments they record.

Maybe I refrain because this space is sacred, private, pristine. Something you just can’t explain. 

Or maybe fear, to be deliriously dull, divinely deep, and how that might appear. Up against flashes and cheer.

Can a pic capture the rapture of equanimity?

Or maybe, simply, because it is called social media, not anti-social media. 

Or because there is no one to hold the camera here. And selfies feel silly. 

But still, I’m not here to not be see…just to be serene. 

So here’s a pic, in 363 words, of the space in-between.

#greetingsfromsolitude #stillsmilingonmyown

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